The Bostitch line of tools supplies the highest quality and reliability to get the job done right the first time. The company is popular for their fastening tools such as their Bostitch staplers and Bostitch cordless nailers. It's on the forefront of tools with air compressors, hand tools and even its own line of Bostitch pneumatic tools.

The Bostitch air compressors as an example are highly efficient, easy to start, require lower maintenance and provide a quiet work environment with their operational noise level controls. For a simple and easy fastening job, the Bostitch hand tools line, like that of its cordless nailers, are the ideal tools for crown molding, window casing, baseboards and other fastening jobs. There is a large variety of Bostitch hammers and mallets made with durability in mind. These feature oversized striking faces that are much larger to the traditional hammers on the market. Snips and utility knives, constructed from titanium nitride coatings, provide a sturdy base with a strong, durable steel cutting blade designed to go through materials with ease. When a job requires some heavy-duty removal, the Bostitch, high-carbon, forged spring steel, claw bars provide exceptional durability and strength for prying actions like that in demolition, flooring, roofing and more.

For good precision and accuracy Bostitch tape measures work efficiently, allowing for proper measurement. There are a few different choices in tape measures depending on the size and material required. For accuracy and level installation, the Bostitch levels are just the tools for the job. Available in three different models, there is one out there for every project.

From an every day around the house job, to the demolition of a building, Bostitch tools are there when needed the most. Jobs completed with the Bostitch touch are of high quality and upheld to a higher standard, choose the right tools for your next project.

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