Painting supplies help ensure that your project has clean lines and a consistent finish. We carry a number of accessories that will help you save time on prep and get the job done quickly.

Spray painting supplies let you work with incredible efficiency. Due to the nature of paint sprayers, you have to make sure that your taping and papering jobs are tight and straight. Once you get going, though, you save time over using simple brushes or rollers. The paint sprays on easily, has a uniform coverage and often takes only a single pass. Stock up on spray painting supplies like nozzles, tape, drop cloths, respiratory protection and more to ensure that you have everything you need.

If you want to skip the taping step, grab either painting pads or power edgers. These wall painting supplies run straight lines around corners, trim and windows to create a border so you can paint quickly. The powered models have an advantage over traditional edger's that you dip in the paint. When you dip your edger in the paint tray you run the risk of getting paint on the side, which can leave a streak on the surface you're trying to protect, with powered supplies, the paint dispenses straight to the pad itself from interior reservoirs or tubes for speed and accuracy.

Stock up on rags to clean off your tools and make spot fixes to any drips or smudges. Keep extra roller covers on hand for when you switch to different paints, and grab a mixer to mix separated paint on-site.

Our painting supplies are easy to use, and often save you from repaints. You can use them to achieve a number of unique effects to make your project stand out. Plan your job before you begin, peruse our stock and find the painting supplies to save you time and energy.