Occidental Leather

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Occidental Leather manufactures professional-quality personal tool storage systems. They feature a number of designs made specifically for each of the major trades or agricultural jobs.
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Tool belts clip around your waist and support several different pouches. You can purchase belts made from premium-grade leather or high-strength nylon to suit your personal taste. They also make vest systems that store an incredible number of tools and other items. Combine a vest and a belt to take virtually your entire tool collection with you on the jobsite. The "blank" belts can equip any of their pouches or even many competitive pouches so you can continue to use the pouches you already own.

Tool pouches are individual sections for storage. You can hang them from your existing tool belt to add extra storage space or just to have a single or few tools on hand when you want to decrease the weight you have to carry. These pouches are made from the same pouch designs you find on the belts.

Suspenders are vital accessories that keep your pants up while you carry lots of tools on your belt. The yokes are padded to keep them on your shoulders and reduce back strain. For an all-in-one solution, you can get a beltless package that hangs the pouches directly from your shoulders.

All of these products are made in the USA, with American-made raw materials and designed in their research and development facility in Sonoma County, California. All of their products feature a two-year warranty against defects in craftsmanship and lifetime service guarantee for rivet and stitch repair. Take a look at our full selection of products to find that storage system that works best for you.
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