Having the right tools is as important in the yard as it is in the workshop. We carry a wide range of durable landscaping tools so you'll be ready for whatever the job or mother nature throws at you.

For small cutting jobs, axes and hatchets are the ideal general-purpose landscaping hand tools. A hatchet lets you chop small branches and roots and even shape wood. Our hatchets have distinctive features, such as cutouts to prevent them from sticking. If your landscaping project involves structures, leave the hammer at home and pick up a construction hatchet. The flat striking surface pounds nails easily. For larger branches, choose an ax. The longer handle and heavier head saves you time and helps relieve arm fatigue.

If you're planning to split stumps or firewood, a maul is a must. Mauls are nearly unbreakable and can chop hardwoods with less effort than smaller axes. Use a splitting maul with a sledge eye to gain versatility and split trunks and pound stakes with the same landscaping tool.

Look for a complete set of cutting and pruning tools to keep your plants sculpted and healthy. Our landscaping tools online include every from compact pruners to telescoping pruning saws. To save valuable labor time, consider pruning tools with power gears that apply more force with less effort.

Brooms and rakes are necessary for outdoor cleanup, and these landscaping tools are for more than just sweeping. We stock forks, corn whisk brooms and leaf rakes. We also offer other specialized landscaping tools for sale such as landscaping rakes, which are especially useful to collect garden waste, break up clods, prepare the soil and leveling the ground.

Whether you're undertaking a major landscaping project or just tidying the yard, use the right landscaping tools to get the job done. To shop the best selection of landscaping tools, outdoor power equipment, cordless tools, equipment, power tools, and other tools, shop Acme Tools online or visit an Acme Tools store near me.