About Kreg Tools
Kreg® Tools offers simple solutions for enhanced productivity and better-looking results on your woodworking projects. From simple jigs to complex machinery, they offer everything you need to create pieces with a master-level of craftsmanship.

Types of Kreg Tools
Kreg hand tools include the legendary Kreg Klamps™. These clamps can be customized for a variety of tasks. The Kreg corner clamps feature automatic squaring to set your drawers similar items to right angles just by clamping down. These strong clamps all close tightly and have quick-release features so you can remove them without straining.

Kreg fasteners hold your projects together tightly. Their premium Blue-Kote™ line of screws enjoy top-tier rust and corrosion protection. Kreg screws are appropriate for outdoor projects, such as decking or indoor decorative pieces. Self-tapping screws are faster than other screws because they start without the need to drill holes ahead of time. You can easily save several hours worth of work on a production-level job by using self-starting screws.

Kreg hardware lets you make sure that your projects look their best. Use plugs to hide your pocket holes. Each plug comes made from a particular type of wood or colored plastic. They're angled to easily fit and accept glue without spilling out of the hole. The plugs fit material from 1/2-inch to 1-1/2-inches thick by simply sanding down the excess. The wood plugs accept stain and blend in to create the best-looking cabinets that you can be proud to sell or display in your home.

Why Buy Kreg Tools?
Kreg Tools offer high-quality, durable tools and accessories including clamps, cutting & measuring accessories, router accessories, woodworking tools, power tool accessories, and more for many different applications. Each one is designed to make your jobs go more quickly and give lasting results. Search through our selection of Kreg Tools and use them to outfit your home or commercial workshop today.