About Generac
Few manufacturers have the same reputation for quality power generation as Generac. They introduced their first models in 1959 and they build on their tradition of innovation and performance every day.
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Generac Generators
Generac carries portable generators and standby generators. Portable generators go where you need them. Whether it's at a professional jobsite or to power recreational equipment while camping, Generac brings you power when you’re powerless. Standby Generac generators power an entire building in an emergency. Generac generators run on propane or connect to your natural gas line for continuous, power for days. With days of power, you can be rest assured that your home appliances, medical equipment, computers, and devices will keep running throughout an electrical blackout.

Generac transfer switches are the key to their standby generators. They automatically detect a power loss and immediately power on to keep everything running smoothly. generator maintenance kits include filters, spark plugs and more for regular care and replacement. You can purchase extra switches to ensure that your generators are always in peak condition. Make sure to test the switches regularly to avoid generator failure in an emergency.

Generac Power Washers
Generac power washers clean up your toughest and messiest jobs. They pump out several gallons of water a minute and making them ideal for taking moss off roofs and exterior walls, cleaning sidewalks and driveways, and preparing decks for stain. Generac pressure washers can also be used for commercial work, such as mobile fleet washing and jobsite cleanup. Generac pressure washers are easily portable so you can transport them around a jobsite with ease.

Why Buy Generac Products?
Generac has you covered in an emergency. Generac equipment is durable and offers consistent power in the most extreme situations. Add Generac products to your home or business to protect your most valuable assets and run vital machinery when you need it most.

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