Power tools make up the heart of every workshop and professional toolkit, and BOSCH® has served the construction trades with reliable tools for over a century. Whether you're outfitting a job site or have a list of household chores jobs to tackle, Bosch power tools include a variety of powerhouses for woodworking, electrical, demolition and remodeling needs.

Whether you're a licensed contractor or enjoy home DIY projects, you need at least one quality drill. Bosch's array of drivers, power drills and hammer drills can handle any surface at home or work. Many Bosch drills feature powerful motors and magnesium housings for heavy-duty applications. Ball-bearing construction reduces friction and increases endurance. Deck drivers have depth setting controls for consistent nail driving for fencing and drywall framing. High-torque gear settings drive screws and nails into hardwoods and dense materials.

If you're a metal worker, mechanic or a machine repair tech, use Bosch grinders to reliably cut or polish different surfaces. Angle grinders are ideal for cutting tile, removing rust and sharpening blades. Concrete surfacing grinders prep concrete surfaces in small corners or hard-to-reach spots that floor grinders can't touch. Onboard dust removal systems keep debris out of your eyes and away from the work piece. Die grinders do everything from polishing steel to adding the final detail to a woodworking project. For woodworking, cutting and sharpening needs, Bosch oscillating multi-tools are versatile and indispensable for sanding, grinding, polishing and finishing.

A Bosch heat gun gives you the added power needed for plumbing and refinishing. Heat guns serve several purposes, like desoldering wiring and electronics, shrinking tubing, molding and paint removal. Powerful blowers and heaters churn out air at temperatures up to 1,000 degrees, ideal for thawing pipes and melting old caulking. Safety features keep the nozzle from overheating to protect your hands. A replaceable heating element extends the long-term usability of the tool.

The range of Bosch power tools can outfit any licensed pro's workshop. Drills and drivers are also useful for home repair jobs. Check out the collection today to stay prepared for any work that comes your way.