Bosch Dust Management

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About Bosch Dust Management Solutions
Bosch dust management brings together vacuums, accessories and replacement parts to create a comprehensive system to keep your workspace clear of dust and other airborne particles. Clean air is important for construction professionals, woodworkers and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Powerful Bosch vacuums generate impressive suction with the strength to remove both fine particles and larger pieces of debris from the environment. Capable of handling both wet and dry materials, these vacuums are ruggedly designed and suitable for jobsite and home workshop use.

Attach dust producing power tools directly to a shop vacuum using a Bosch collection unit. Designed to work with specific Bosch tools, these dust management tools attach to standard 1-1/4-inch vacuum nozzles with specialized adapters. Many dust collection units can be installed without tools for ease of use. Bosch makes collection units that work specifically with jig saws, SDS-plus® hammers and small angle grinders.

Bosch vacuum bags and filters also play a critical role in a strong dust management plan. Wet/Dry dust bags are waterproof and tear-resistant plastic fleece, which keeps tiny dust particles safely contained. Bosch's dust bag for table saws contains almost 70 percent of dust produced. Tough Airsweep® polyester filters work during both wet and dry vacuuming. Remove 99.997 percent of particulates 0.3 microns or larger with a powerful Bosch HEPA filter. Other Bosch components and accessories useful for dust management include vacuum hoses, micro-filter dust canisters, vacuum floor nozzle kits, dust hood extraction kits and vacuum brushes.

Why Buy Bosch Dust Management Solutions?
Whether you're a construction professional in search of dust management solutions for the jobsite or a DIYer who needs to keep a home workshop clean, Bosch has vacuums, collection units and vacuum accessories that can meet your needs. Decide what you need to get the job done, and then take a look at what Bosch tools has to offer. Explore our selection of power tools, cordless tools and find the right equipment for your concrete and woodworking needs.