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About Powermatic

Powermatic makes everything you need to completely outfit your personal or industrial wood shop. With the company's reliable, powerful and precise tools, you can make virtually any shape of wood piece from table legs to entire furniture sets and more.

Powermatic Tools

You can run large pieces through Powermatic table saws and set them precisely for repeatable, accurate cuts. Their heavy bodies balance well, even when you work with heavy wood sections. Pair a table saw with Powermatic band saws, which let you cut finer details or curves and corners into wood. These heavy-duty machines offer lower vibrations and noise than other saws, which protects your hearing and increases the exactness of each cut. Make sure to pick up some essential woodworking accessories like high-quality blades that offer the convenience and value of long cutting lives.

Powermatic lathes spin wood at high speeds so you can use a chisel or other tool to shape the piece. They feature electronic rpm adjustment and digital displays for exceptional accuracy and repeatability. Combine these with shaping tools like Powermatic planers or molders to finish your piece with fine adjustments. Add their air purifier systems to your shop to remove allergens, fire hazards and irritants from the air and your work surfaces.

Other Powermatic power tools include drill presses, jointers and sanders. Drill presses create holes in your piece and can be outfitted with mortisers for tenon joints. A jointer can make your ends more square and gives a professional look to your project. Sanders remove imperfections from the surface and smooth it out to prepare it for stain or sealants.

Why Buy Powermatic Tools

Powermatic woodworking tools encompass everything you need to do your job. They last for years and years of dependable service. Set your shop up with their high-performance machines today, and see the difference that quality makes.

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