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About SuperMax Tools
Supermax Tools manufactures high-performance woodworking tools like sanders to impart a lasting finish on your wood projects. These tools have speed for industrial-scale operations but also make DIY woodcraft projects go by much more quickly.

Types of SuperMax Tools
Supermax sanders offer several unique benefits. A set of two drums in one machine, with the second drum at a finer grit, lets you accomplish two stages of sanding in a single pass. Self-cooling systems prevent the drums from overheating, so these bench tools last for longer periods. You can also change out the wraps by yourself, which makes these tools outstanding for home shops. A sander with one open side can effectively doubles its sanding width; just turn the piece around and run it through the other way. Sander/brush combo units gently sand down your piece to a finish so fine that it looks like you did it by hand.

Several power tool accessories make your job easier. Their roller stands and work supports extend the table in both directions for totaling nearly four feet of extra support. You can use these to run longer pieces through your Supermax sanders without them tipping up, which gives you an even finish. Stands optimize your workflow because they provide convenient, portable storage for your extra drums and other accessories.

Replacement belt wraps make it easy to keep working even if your drums load up on particulates. Just wrap them again, and you're good to continue. You can also order replacement brushes or flatter strips for the sander/brush combo units.

Why Buy SuperMax Tools?
Supermax Tools deliver advanced features and accessory support for your convenience. They're durable enough to give you years of high-quality work. Add powerful Supermax machine tools to your shop and upgrade your production capabilities to a professional level.