About Sunex Sockets
Sunex sockets deliver the performance you need to tackle challenging repair and maintenance tasks. Sunex sockets are available in a broad range of metric and SAE sizes and include sockets, specialty sockets, and socket sets.

Sunex Strength
Sunex sockets are made of materials that withstand the harsh conditions found in repair facilities and industrial settings. Chromium-molybdenum and chromium-vanadium steel alloys give Sunex individual sockets and socket sets the strength needed to handle high-torque loads, and many products have radius corners that distribute the force you apply across a wide area, which helps prevent tool damage and fastener rounding. Sunex tools have clear size markings that make it easy to find the right tool for the task at hand.

Sunex Socket Sets for Mechanics
Many vehicles and mechanical systems use a standard set of fasteners, and Sunex socket sets include products that handle specific tasks, such as wheel installation or removal and truck maintenance as well as general-purpose tool collections. Sets with metric and SAE sockets use color-coded labels to distinguish between the two measurement systems, and most come with blow-molded carrying cases that keep tools organized and simplify transportation.

Why Buy Sunex Sockets?
Sunex socket sets and individual tools handle a broad range of fastener and component installation and removal jobs, so no matter what your application, you can count on Sunex’s high quality sockets to get the job done.

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