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About Sumner
Sumner is well-known as being the leader in pipe handling equipment. However, they also offer a complete line of material lifts, material carts, welding tools, and jacks and stands. Sumner’s tools and equipment lines are efficient, cost effective, and help you improve safety in your workplace or jobsite.

Sumner Lifts
Sumner manufacturers a variety of lifts including contractor lifts, drywall lifts, Roust a Bouts, and Gantry lifts. These lifts are designed to safely and easily move heavy objects and tools from place to place on the jobsite. Sumner designs “lifts that make your lifting tasks easier and safer”!

Sumner Material Carts
Material handling tools have an important role in the shop and on the job site. Sumner material carts including Cricket pipe dollies, Mac pipe dollies, Grasshopper pipe dollies, and Mac rolling racks help you quickly and easily move around heavy pipes, tools, and other equipment.

Sumner Jacks and Stands
Once materials are on site, hold them in place using Summer lifts, jacks and stands and secure them with clamps and hold downs to ensure proper assembly and worker safety. Use Sumner tools such as squares, welding gauges and levels to place parts accurately and produce flawless welds during final assembly.

Sumner Welding Tools
Sumner offers a wide variety of welding tools including various types of clamp assemblies, alignment tools, pins, and more to help make welding pipes easier and safer for contractors. These clamps are tough, heavy duty clamps that are designed to handle all fit ups.

Why Use Sumner Tools?
Sumner designs tools, pipe fitting equipment and material handling products with the work site in mind. Using the proper tools for the job increases worker performance, produces superior results and enhances site safety. Handle your next mechanical or welding project with our selection of equipment from Sumner.