Choose from a wide selection of Stanley Tools®, which includes items that receive everyday use, like screwdrivers, wrenches and utility knives, or more high-tech equipment such as laser levels. With so many options to pick from, you can update your entire tool box with Stanley tools for optimum reliability.

As you sort through your tool box and eliminate the worn-out equipment, add in some of our tools for reliability and comfort. The hammer selection of Stanley hand tools alone gives you a variety of models, including sledgehammers, hammers and mallets. Make a plan when renovating your room with chalk reels to make marks along the wall to line up your furniture or wall decorations, following the illuminated line of the Stanley laser levels to make sure everything is level.

As you refurbish your home, stock up on the variety of miscellaneous Stanley paint and supplies we offer. Clean up your walls with a selection of putty knives. We offer different sizes and widths to choose from so you can lay down a fresh coat of primer onto a smooth surface. Then grab one of our tape measures to start creating a floor plan, taking down the exact measurements so you know how much space you have to work with once you start building furniture or shelves with your new Stanley tools.

The plethora of Stanley hand tools we offer provides the right equipment for any need you have during your typical work day or a more specific project. Even if you are in the middle of redesigning your floors, the different choices of scrapers and smoothers help to take adhesive off the floor to make room for your new tile or carpet. Add Stanley tools to your shed or garage to begin your repertoire from scratch or to reinvent your existing collection.