Southwire™ pliers, cutters and strippers have the features you need to handle a broad range of construction or repair tasks. They include products for specific jobs, such as Southwire pump pliers and versatile tools like Southwire side-cutting pliers or linesman multitools. Featuring forged steel construction and backed by a limited lifetime warranty, Southwire hand tools provide many years of reliable service.

Cutting solid and stranded cable requires precision and power, and Southwire diagonal-cutting pliers have induction-hardened blades that slice ACSR cable and hardened wire as well as fasteners, such as screws and bolts. Many cutters also have built-in crimpers and gripping jaws for added versatility. Most Southwire pliers have a hot-riveted joint that rotates smoothly and eliminates handle wobble. Linesman pliers and cutters have a serrated and tapered head you can use to smooth conduit edges, reducing the risk of wire snags. Contoured handles with padded or dipped grips help eliminate hand fatigue while you work.

Many tasks require more than cutting and gripping power, and Southwire crimpers, strippers and cutters offer additional capabilities that make them invaluable additions to your toolbox. Southwire long-nose pliers make it easy to handle small parts or loop wire and have built-in side cutters. Strippers cleanly remove insulation from a broad range of stranded and solid wire, and crimpers attach ferrules, terminals and connectors with a quick squeeze. Southwire multifunction pliers combine all these functions in a single tool. They make excellent gifts for your favorite do-it-yourselfer and are practical additions to any general-purpose tool kit.

Pliers are versatile tools that are a vital part of any well-equipped toolbox. Southwire pliers deliver the reliable performance you need to handle challenging construction and repair jobs. Explore our complete selection of Southwire tools and find the pliers, cutters, crimpers or strippers you need for your next project.