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About SawStop Table Saws
SawStop began 1999 with a revolutionary innovation, and in the years since their tools have prevented thousands of injuries and saved countless fingers by introducing integrated braking technology which forces a saw to stop spinning the second it senses flesh. Today SawStop table saws and cabinet saws are a big part in helping you get the job done by making smooth, accurate cuts while keeping you (and your fingers) safe.

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SawStop Portable Table Saw
SawStop jobsite table saws are an ideal portable table saw designed for take with you wherever the job takes you. These portable table saws are lightweight, quick, and easy to set up, take down, store, and transfer from one jobsite to the next. With such extreme versatility, SawStop portable table saws are one of the best table saw choices on the market for DIY-ers, contractors, and professional makers.

SawStop Stationary Table Saw
SawStop also offers a variety of stationary table saws including contractor table saws, professional cabinet saws, and industrial cabinet saws. These table saws are designed for heavy-duty, professional use by contractors and professional makers. While SawStop’s portable, jobsite table saws are a great choice, their stationary table saws offer increased accuracy and more horsepower that professionals demand, helping you get the job done faster and more efficiently.

SawStop Power Tool Accessories
SawStop offers a variety of accessories for table saws including a variety of table saw blades, tables, table saw brake cartridges, mobile bases, and other great table saw accessories that can help you make your table saw more effective, easier to use, and more efficient.

SawStop and Safety Go Hand-In-Hand
SawStop table saws are very well-known for their flesh sensing safety feature which forces the blade to automatically brake when it senses flesh in its path. This technology works when a SawStop table saw broadcasts a low-powered electric signal through its blade. This signal then turns the blade into a safety sensor, which triggers an aluminum brake cartridge and stops the blade instantly before it can accidentally cause injury. Other safety equipment from SawStop includes its dust management tools, which help ensure a clean, safe work environment while also helping you to maintain breathable air supply. SawStop helps keep you and your workers safe!

Why Buy SawStop Table Saws?
SawStop table saws are powerful, accurate, efficient, and safe! An all around, best-in-class table saw that will help you quickly, easily, and safely hlep you get the job done.

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