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About Sawstop Table Saws
If you're looking for a table saw brand that gives you the best tools for your job while protecting your hands, look no further than Sawstop. They have been making top-quality saws for construction workers, woodworkers, and DIYers since 1999. The company makes great products that let you do professional work. Better yet, they come with great safety features.

Unique Safety Technology
Sawstop saws get their name from a safety system that can prevent serious injuries to your hands. They understand that, no matter how careful someone is with a table saw, accidents can happen. That's why they built in a braking sensor that detects when fingers get too close to the blade. A small electrical signal passes through the blade while you work. If it senses skin, it triggers an aluminum brake that stops the blade's rotation. This lock down of the spinning blade happens within five milliseconds, so you get a minor cut instead of a major injury. Once you're ready to get back to work, just swap out the cartridge and blade. Reset the saw and keep working.

Superb Selection and Quality
No matter your job, Sawstop has the power tools that can help you do it right. From table saws and router tables to dust collection tools and accessories, they have what you need. They can even be used for cabinet making and dado cutting. Their tools are crafted by woodworking pros to ensure they will last for years to come.

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Acme Tools is your source for Sawstop table saws and accessories. Find Sawstop jobsite saws, contractor saws, and professional cabinet saws at great prices. If you need accessories, you can find brake cartridges, mobile bases, mobile carts, saw blades and more. Stop by one of our stores or shop online to find the best Sawstop selection around. Many orders qualify for free shipping and our 30-day return policy.