Safety & Security

Safety & Security

When it comes to home and job safety, some basic preparation can make a big difference. Choosing the right safety and security products will keep you and the people around you safe if an emergency does occur. Our inventory of safety and security equipment is ideal for the office, jobsite, camping trip or household.

Carbon monoxide alarms are a wise precaution, particularly if you have an older gas furnace or stove. We stock detectors that detect either carbon monoxide or smoke. Keep fire extinguishers on hand to prevent a minor flare-up from spreading. Dry chemical extinguishers will put out nearly all ordinary fires, including liquid fires. Carbon dioxide extinguishers are ideal safety and security solutions that won't damage expensive electronics or food.

Safety lights are among the most practical pieces of safety and security equipment you can own. We carry flashlights and accessories to ensure you have a light when you need one. Keep one in your car in case you're stranded and spread them around the house and workplace for when you lose power.

On construction sites, fall safety is an important consideration. Safety barriers are excellent safety and security products to mark fall danger. Bright orange barriers help prevent dangerous falls and mark places where workers should watch their step. For vertical work or any place workers will have their feet off the ground, safety and security products such as harnesses and lifelines can make your crew safer and more productive. Safety nets can catch people and equipment before they hit the ground. Taking appropriate safety measures leaves everyone free to focus on the job.

The key to staying safe is thinking ahead. Our safety and security products will help you prepare for any emergency at work or home. Check local regulations and grab the equipment you need to protect yourself and crew and comply with OSHA standards.