About RotoZip Fences & Guides
Supercharge your RotoZip spiral saw with attachments that provide even more precision and functionality. With the right accessories, you can turn one of the most popular tools for home improvement projects into a professional powerhouse that can handle virtually any type of building task or installation job. These high-quality add-ons feature exceptional durability, so your RotoZip is always ready to get the job done. Our complete stock of RotoZip fences and guides is compatible with a wide variety of past and current RotoZip models. Cutting drywall to project specs is already easy with your RotoZip, but adding a circle cutter guide gives you even more control for faster cuts. Whether you’re preparing ceiling surfaces for a smooth fit with light fixtures and wiring boxes, or you want to add recessed lighting underneath kitchen cabinets, RotoZip circle cutter guides give you perfect circles every time. Adjusting the diameter is simple and fast, and you can accommodate everything from small holes to monstrous 12-inch openings.

Why Buy RotoZip Fences & Guides?
This attachment is a must for professional plumbers, HVAC installers, cabinet makers and DIY enthusiasts. It makes easy work of cutting smooth holes in tile surfaces to make room for copper pipes and bathroom fixtures. With the ability to cut enormous gaps in almost any material, running HVAC ducts and insulated pipes throughout the house is a much simpler task. Pair your RotoZip tool with a saw blade and flush guard to make perfect flush cuts in countertops, cabinets, flooring, cement board and baseboards. Obtain incredible results with precision cuts for any woodworking project, giving your creations added strength and stability while saving time building. Thanks to compatible dust management accessories, you can keep your work surface clear for better visibility and straight cuts.