In 1972, RotoZip was founded by a veteran drywaller searching for a better way to cut his material of choice. Since then, RotoZip tools have become an excellent alternative to traditional drywall saws. Today, with the skill and reputation of Bosch tools behind them, RotoZip rotary tools are more durable and effective than ever.

RotoZip tools use a fast-moving, specially designed bit to act as a very precise saw blade for cutting fine lines in any direction you choose. Unlike a jig saw, the turn radius of which is limited by the width of its blade, RotoZip rotary tools offer maximum maneuverability at all times. The ergonomic grip also improves control, giving you firm control over every move.

While these spiral saws were originally designed to work on drywall, the current line of RotoZip rotary tools allows you to cut almost any material with the same level of control. Whether you're working with tile, wood, or even metal, there are RotoZip blades to meet your needs. All attachments work with RotoZip's patented RotoZip Connect® system, which allows for easy, secure bit attachment no matter the task.

RotoZip tools are some of the most customizable on the market. Adapt your tool to your needs with RotoZip rotary accessories. For cutting in difficult-to-reach areas, you may want a right angle attachment. Take your accuracy to the next level with RotoZip fences and guides. You can cut perfect circles with the circle guide, rather than trying to do it freehand. There's no material out of your reach and no shape you can't cut with the right RotoZip tool accessories.

For over 40 years, RotoZip has been perfecting its rotary tools to offer maximum utility on the job site. Take the stress out of your work by investing in this faster, more accurate, more professional construction solution.