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About Ridgid Tools
Ridgid has been in the tool business since 1923, and they continue their legacy of quality and performance by offering a full line of tools with a focus on plumbing, heating and cooling. Designed and crafted to be both effective and tough, Ridgid tools are designed and built “for the world's expert tradespeople – those who know the limits of the job and how to exceed them.”

Ridgid’s extensive tool line includes plumbing tools, hand tools, inspection cameras and locators, test and measurement tools, vacuums, saws and bench tools, sump pumps, and more. While they specialize in hand tools, Ridgid still has an impressive selection of heavy-duty power tools to offer as well.

Some of Ridgid Tools' most popular products may include the miter saw, impact driver, table saw, drain cleaning tools, vises, pipe cutters, press tools, saw blades, cutting tools, impact wrenches, electrical tools, threading tools, and wet/dry vacuums.

Plumbing Tools
Many of these are cordless tools, but power tools like the wet/dry vacuums may need to be plugged in for you to use them.

While it may be challenging to find some objects like drill bits, tile saws, or angle grinders, the wide selection of hand tools is typically enough to handle most (if not all) jobs that a professional will deal with on a day-to-day basis.

In their plumbing tools section, shoppers can browse through a variety of products that will fit their needs. This section is ideal for professional plumbers looking for specific hand tools they need to add to their arsenal or amateur handymen that aren't sure where to start.

There are plenty of subcategories to help you narrow down what specific tool you may need for the job. For instance, in the threading tool subcategory, customers can find everything from threading oil to receding geared threaders. The jaw clutch on the geared threaders can help prevent jamming while the work holder will work instantly.

Outside of threading tools, Ridgid Tools also offers a copper cleaning brush that plumbers can use while they’re on the job. When you need to give tubing a better clean, a copper brush can get into those hard-to-reach places that you normally wouldn’t be able to. A brush like this can sometimes come in handy during drain cleaning jobs, whether it's at your own house or on the jobsite.

A common tool that most plumbers will need at some point includes the plumbing wrench. However, since there are a variety of different plumbing wrenches, Ridgid makes the shopping process a little easier by including different subcategories. When you need a wrench that’s capable of fitting onto different fasteners, Ridgid has adjustable wrenches. A less common choice, a chain or strap wrench can be used to provide extra tension when you’re dealing with tubes or pipes underneath the sink.

Pipe wrenches, on the other hand, are designed to specifically deal with pipe fitting or threaded pipe. If none of those wrenches seem to fit the bill, Ridgid Tools also includes another category for specialty wrenches that can handle any other plumbing jobs that require a wrench.

For instance, the telescoping basin wrench is all about convenience and flexibility. Not only does it have an extended reach, but it also fits into tight spaces and can easily slip behind obstructions like pipes or tubing. When other wrenches aren’t able to reach, the telescoping basin wrench may be able to.

Another option is the one-stop wrench, which is also one of Ridgid’s top-sellers within this category. With a sturdy steel construction that’s meant to last the test of time, this wrench can be a convenient tool for showerheads or toilet bolts.

Flaring Tools
Outside of plumbing wrenches, Ridgid has flaring tools like the Screw Type Flaring Tool. Designed with a clamp screw that can help remove tubing or hold it in place, this flaring tool easily works with a variety of different materials like brass, steel tubes, or copper. Not to mention, it doesn’t need a hammer to make precise flares.

While it may not be needed on a daily basis, there are pipe freezing kits within the plumbing category too. Ridgid offers one pipe freezing kit, which is designed to be user-friendly and meets UL standards. When a contractor is trying to make repairs on your system, the pipe freezing kit will allow you to keep things up and running.

Storage Tools
However, their plumbing tools are only one of Ridgid Tool’s specialties. Another popular category is the hand tool section. Here, shoppers can locate anything from pliers to storage tool boxes.

Within their storage section, Ridgid only has one heavy-duty tool box to offer. With a sturdy steel exterior, this tool box is designed to withstand typical wear and tear. There are two latches to secure the lid so that your tools are unlikely to fall out when you transport the box, and you can also lock the latches as well. Unlike some tool boxes, which may come without padlocks and force you to leave your tools unsecured, that isn’t an issue with this product.

It’s also worth noting that this entire tool box weighs less than twenty pounds. While it may weigh more once you add your tools in it, this product is easier to transport than some boxes that may be around fifty pounds with nothing inside.

When it comes to leveling, Ridgid only includes one product in their lineup—the 9-inch Torpedo Level. Equipped with three different strong earth magnets, this level might not be ideal for professional or highly-specific jobs, but it can be a handy tool to keep around the house or workshop.

As an essential for most projects, Ridgid also has two different hammers for shoppers to pick from. The 32-ounce ball hammer is a popular option in this category and includes a wooden handle that’s built to last. Unlike some hammer handles, which may be difficult to use or wear down over time, this hammer uses smooth, burnished hickory that makes for a more comfortable grip.

One of Ridgid Tool’s most interesting categories is their vacuum selection. Finding a high-quality shop vacuum can be a challenge for many workers. Shop vacuums can be extremely beneficial for cleaning up the debris of a woodworking shop or chunks of material left over from a construction site.

Specialty Tools
Fortunately, Ridgid has plenty to offer. The 16 gallon wet/dry vac, for instance, comes with a cart and has a 12-amp motor that can make cleaning up a mess effortless. While some vacuums may be noisy, this model is designed with noise-reduction technology and has an accessory storage bag to store other tools (or other parts of the vacuum) in. The large rear wheels also make this vacuum a little easier to transport from spot to spot and push around.

A somewhat smaller option than the 16 gallon, the 12 gallon motor-on-bottom wet/dry vac might be a better choice for smaller workspaces or jobs. With the motor located on the bottom of the vacuum, this model may be able to last a little longer than other choices and uses 360-degree castor wheels for better maneuverability. However, even a 12-gallon vacuum can become bulky or difficult to transport from place to place.

A much more portable option, the 4-gallon vac is meant to be lightweight and easy to carry. While it might not handle large construction sites well, this can be a great choice for smaller workspaces where the debris or dirt is confined to a tinier area. Not to mention, with a twenty-foot power cord, there’s no reason why you can’t move the vacuum around the jobsite. With a large handle on top, you don’t need to push the vacuum around. You can just carry it.

Besides vacuums, Ridgid Tools also has inspection cameras to help you look for lost tools or tiny bolts that may be hiding in hard-to-reach places. Some of these inspection cameras may allow for video inspection so that workers can get an even better idea of what's going on in tiny spaces they wouldn't normally be able to look at.

Test and Measurement Tools
The test and measurement tools can provide accurate and precise measurements (regardless of what odd angle or line you’re trying to measure). For heavy-duty equipment that goes beyond traditional hand tools, Ridgid includes machinery for your workbench and shop such as a forged anvil or miter saw stand.

When it comes down to asking why so many professionals choose to buy from Ridgid Tools, some customers might be stumped. However, the answer is easy. One word: trust. Ridgid delivers quality performance and delivers results, so matter how tough a job may seem, Ridgid has a solution. And Ridgid tools are built to last a lifetime (and then some). Given their reliable track record, it isn’t difficult to see why so many shoppers continue to buy from them.

Why Buy Ridgid Tools?
One feature that many Ridgid customers enjoy is the lifetime warranty that comes with their products. For most tools, there’s limited risk because Ridgid will immediately offer a free replacement if there’s a defect in the product (regardless of when it’s discovered). Not to mention, many of their tools also come with free shipping. Unlike some companies, which may advertise low prices and then add on high shipping costs, Ridgid does their best to provide free shipping on heavier items and low shipping fees on smaller purchases.

While it may not be a concern for some customers, it is worth noting that Ridgid strives to make all of their products in the USA—much like Bessey Tools. Buying from Ridgid means supporting high-quality products that are made in your backyard.

These tools are designed to withstand the wear and tear of the job, elements, and even harsh environments. Whether you're a professional or a home DIY enthusiast, Ridgid tools save you time and effort. Switch over to their high-performance tool line and get outstanding results for every project. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to Ridgid Tool’s friendly customer service team.