Reed Manufacturing delivers excellent quality tools with superior performance. With more than 125 years of experience, the company developed and continues to offer some of the most popular tools of their kind. This includes the high performance Quick Release™ Tubing Cutter. Reed Mfg created its brand with pipe tools and vises that support a wide array of professional grade jobs and tasks.

Reed Mfg electrical tools remain a valuable asset for many electricians. These devices help cut through studs without having to drill first, allowing the user to thread through wires or other materials as needed. The same great innovation applies with Reed Mfg hand tools. The company built a reputation around high quality vices; including bench vises. These support all sorts of professional and contractor projects, and provide a sturdy working base for materials ranging from pipes to planks.

However powerful their other products, Reed Mfg plumbing tools remain one of its most well known offerings. Their wide selection includes pressing tools, threading tools, pipe cutters and more are key tools for utility contractors. For the professional plumber, and for any crew working on an expansive building site, these plumbing tools serve as durable choices that deliver both power and versatility. Because the company puts so much thought into tool innovation, it should come as no surprise that they invented several tools that now serve as industry standards. Reed Mfg developed Hinged Cutters™ for wide diameter pipes and many professionals rely on the company for its continued commitment to innovation.

When it comes to electrical and plumbing tools, Reed Mfg retains its historic role as a major manufacturer of quality pipe tools and vises. Determine what you need for your next professional project and find out what this industry leader has to provide. Each tool and machine comes with a time-tested design that's made to work where you need it most.