FREE Ground Shipping!

Currently we offer FREE FedEx/UPS small package Ground shipping and FREE ABF/YRC freight ground shipping on most orders of $49 or more within the 48 contiguous states. Most orders under $49 will receive $6.49 flat rate shipping. Some irregular shaped or oversized items may include a special handling charge. The charge will show on the product detail page of applicable products. Offer subject to change without notice.


Acme Tools frequently offers money-saving promotions, and we strive to make these promotional offers available to as many customers as possible. At times these promotional offers will have restrictions, as noted below.

Free Shipping Promotions

  • When we offer a free shipping promotion, it is based on a minimum purchase. This minimum purchase is based solely on the product value before any shipping or applicable taxes are applied to the order.
  • Some irregular shaped or oversized items may include a special handling charge, applied per unit.
  • Free shipping is good only on orders shipped to addresses within the 48 contiguous states.
  • Free shipping is good only for our FedEx/UPS ground or ABF/YRC freight ground options. Expedited shipping options such as FedEx 3 Day, FedEx 2 Day and FedEx Overnight will ship at a discounted rate.
  • A promotional (promo) code will be automatically entered during the checkout process, and should not be removed.
  • Free shipping promotions are subject to change without notice.

Dollar/Percentage Off Promotions

  • When we offer a dollar/percentage off promotion, it may or may not be based on a minimum purchase. If there is a minimum purchase requirement it is solely based on the product value before any shipping or applicable taxes are applied to the order.
  • A promotional (promo) code must be entered during the checkout process.
  • Dollar/percentage off promotions are subject to change without notice.
  • We reserve the right to correct errors, limit quantities and terminate any offer at any time.

Brands and Items Commonly Excluded from Promotions

  • Brands: Abra Equipment, Air-tow Trailers, Barreto Mfg, Billy Goat, Bomag, Campo Equipment, Clemco, Crown Construction Equipment, Diamond C, Digga North America, Ego, E-Z Go, Festool, Fuji, Furukawa Rock Drill USA, Generac, Genie, Honda, Husqvarna Outdoor Power Equipment, Interlake, Iq Power Tools, Jlg, Knaack, Kubota, Laguna Tools, Lee Mfg., Magnum, Mec, Niftylift, Office to Go, Powerboss, Sawstop, Skyjack, Sullair, Stihl, Toro, Weather Guard, Weber
  • Products: DXAEJ14, DXAEC80, DXAEPS2, DXAEWPC4, DXST10000, DXST4500, DV36DAM, C3607DAQ4M, C3610DRAQ4M, C36DAQ4M, DH36DMAQ2M, WH36DBQ4M, ET36AM, C18YSL3B1M, 372121M, DV36DAQ4M, WR36DAQ4M, WR36DBQ4M, G3612DAQ6M, G3612DBQ6M, C3610DRAM
  • Other brands and products may be excluded from promotions.

DeWalt $20 off

$20 off $99 or more on select DeWalt

  O F F E R   D E T A I L S

  • Promo code: DEWALT2020
  • Expires: 01-31-20
  • Valid online only.
  • Only one promo code per customer. Must use promo code at checkout to receive discount. Qualifying models will receive discount. Discount is off purchase price before tax and any applicable shipping charges. Discounts not valid on prior purchases or in conjunction with other offers or promo codes. We reserve the right to correct errors, limit quantities and terminate any offer at any time.
  • Not valid on the following items:

    DCV517B, DCE511B, DCD740B, DCG412B, DCS380B, DCS391B, DCS551B, DCW210B, DCE100B, DCF880B, DCF883B, DCD791B, DCF620B, DCF887B, DCCS620B, DCS331B, DCV581H, DCD996B, DCF888B, DCG426B, DCGG571B, DCD997B, DCP580B, DCS367B, DCS570B, DCF890B, DCL074B, DCF622B, DCF894B, DCF894HB, DCH133B, DCW600B, DCS491B, DCF899B, DCF899HB, DCS496B, DCS361B, DCG413FB, DCF897B, DCH273B, DCH263B, DCN692B, DCS374B, DCK278C2, DCD708C2, DCD709C2,

    ...

    DCK299D1T1, DCK299P2, DCKTS299P2, DCK299M2, DCD701F2, DCF801F2, DCF601F2, DCF902F2, DCD706F2, DCC020IB, DCK240C2, F340735, F340730, F340725, F340720, F340715, F340710, F340705, F340700, F340695, F340690, F340685, F340680, F340675, F340670, F340661, F340655, F340650, F340645, F340640, F340635, F332100, F332000, F102885, F102880, DCHJ060C1-L, DCHJ060ABB-2X, DCHJ060ABB-3X, DCHJ060ABB-L, DCHJ060ABB-M, DCHJ060ABB-S, DCHJ060ABB-XL, DCHJ060ABD1, DCHJ060ABD1-2X, DCHJ060ABD1-3X, DCHJ060ABD1-L, DCHJ060ABD1-M, DCHJ060ABD1-S, DCHJ060ABD1-XL, DCHJ060ATB, DCHJ060ATB-2X, DCHJ060ATB-3X, DCHJ060ATB-L, DCHJ060ATB-M, DCHJ060ATB-S, DCHJ060ATB-XL, DCHJ060ATD1, DCHJ060ATD1-2X, DCHJ060ATD1-3X, DCHJ060ATD1-L, DCHJ060ATD1-M, DCHJ060ATD1-S, DCHJ060ATD1-XL, DCHJ060C1-XL, DCHJ061B-M, DCHJ061C1-L, DCHJ062B-M, DCHJ062C1-2XL, DCHJ063C1-S, DCHJ064B-2XL, DCHJ064C1-2XL, DCHJ064C1-XL, DCHJ065B-2XL, DCHJ066C1-2XL, DCHJ066C1-L, DCHJ066C1-M, DCHJ066C1-S, DCHJ066C1-XL, DCHJ066C1-XS, DCHJ067B-2XL, DCHJ067B-3XL, DCHJ067B-L, DCHJ067B-M, DCHJ067B-XL, DCHJ068B-2XL, DCHJ068B-3XL, DCHJ068B-L, DCHJ068B-M, DCHJ068B-XL, DCHJ069B-M, DCHJ069C1-3X, DCHJ069C1-3XL, DCHJ070B-2XL, DCHJ070B-S, DCHJ070C1-L, DCHJ070C1-XL, DCHJ071B-S, DCHJ072B-2X, DCHJ072B-3X, DCHJ072B-L, DCHJ072B-M, DCHJ072B-S, DCHJ072B-XL, DCHJ072D1-2X, DCHJ072D1-3X, DCHJ072D1-L, DCHJ072D1-M, DCHJ072D1-S, DCHJ072D1-XL, DCHJ074D1-2X, DCHJ074D1-2XL, DCHJ074D1-3X, DCHJ074D1-3XL, DCHJ074D1-L, DCHJ074D1-M, DCHJ074D1-S, DCHJ074D1-XL, DCHJ075B, DCHJ075B-2X, DCHJ075B-3X, DCHJ075B-L, DCHJ075B-M, DCHJ075B-S, DCHJ075B-XL, DCHJ075D1, DCHJ075D1-2X, DCHJ075D1-3X, DCHJ075D1-L, DCHJ075D1-M, DCHJ075D1-S, DCHJ075D1-XL, DCHJ076ABB-2X, DCHJ076ABB-3X, DCHJ076ABB-L, DCHJ076ABB-M, DCHJ076ABB-S, DCHJ076ABB-XL, DCHJ076ABD1, DCHJ076ABD1-2X, DCHJ076ABD1-3X, DCHJ076ABD1-L, DCHJ076ABD1-M, DCHJ076ABD1-S, DCHJ076ABD1-XL, DCHJ076ATB-2X, DCHJ076ATB-3X, DCHJ076ATB-L, DCHJ076ATB-M, DCHJ076ATB-S, DCHJ076ATB-XL, DCHJ076ATD1, DCHJ076ATD1-2X, DCHJ076ATD1-3X, DCHJ076ATD1-L, DCHJ076ATD1-M, DCHJ076ATD1-S, DCHJ076ATD1-XL, DCHJ076B, DCHJ076B-L, DCHJ076B-S, DCHJ076D1, DCHJ076D1-3X, DCHJ076D1-L, DCHJ076D1-M, DCHJ076D1-S, DCHJ076D1-XL, DCHJ077D1, DCHJ077D1-2X, DCHJ077D1-L, DCHJ077D1-M, DCHJ077D1-S, DCHJ077D1-XL, DCHJ077D1-XS, DCHJ080B-2X, DCHJ080B-3X, DCHJ080B-L, DCHJ080B-M, DCHJ080B-S, DCHJ080B-XL, DCHJ081TD1-2X, DCHJ081TD1-3X, DCHJ081TD1-L, DCHJ081TD1-M, DCHJ081TD1-S, DCHJ081TD1-XL, DCHJ083CD1-2X, DCHJ083CD1-3X, DCHJ083CD1-L, DCHJ083CD1-M, DCHJ083CD1-S, DCHJ083CD1-XL, DCHJ083TD1, DCHJ083TD1-2X, DCHJ083TD1-3X, DCHJ083TD1-L, DCHJ083TD1-M, DCHJ083TD1-S, DCHJ083TD1-XL, DCHJ084CD1-2X, DCHJ084CD1-3X, DCHJ084CD1-L, DCHJ084CD1-M, DCHJ084CD1-S, DCHJ084CD1-XL, DCHJ084CD1-XS, DCHJ087BB-2X, DCHJ087BB-3X, DCHJ087BB-L, DCHJ087BB-M, DCHJ087BB-S, DCHJ087BB-XL, DCHVL10C1-L, DCHVL10C1-M, DCHVL10C1-XL, DG5101, DG5102, DG5103, DG5104, DG5114, DG5120, DG5121C, DG5125, DG5126, DG5132, DG5139, DG5140, DG5142, DG5145, DG5164, DG5173, DG5203, DG5204, DG5217, DG5224, DG5333, DG5372, DG5433, DG5472, DG5511, DG5540, DG5542, DG5543, DG5553, DG5562, DG5563, DG5570, DG5582, DG5587, DG5597, DG5617, DG5640, DG5650, DG5663, DG5680, DGC530, DGCL33, DGL523, DGL571, DGL573, DPG100-1D, DPG100-2D, DPG11-Y, DPG15, DPG51-1, DPG51-2C, DPG51-6, DPG52-6C, DPG52-9C, DPG54-1C, DPG54-9D, DPG55-1C, DPG56-7C, DPG56-7D, DPG56B-YC, DPG58-1, DPG62-C, DPG82-11C, DPG82-21, DPG94-2C, DPG94-6C, DPG94-GLC, DPG95-11D, DPG95-2C, DPG96-2D, DPG97-2D, DPG99-2PC, DST11-NPBB-2XL, DST11-NPBB-L, DST11-NPBB-M, DST11-NPBB-XL, DXAEWPC4, DXAEC80, DXAEJ14, DXAEPS2, DXC10QT, DXC45QT, DXC65QT, DXL3020-28PT, DXL3420-32PG, DXL3420-16PG, DXL3020-40PT, DXL3020-32PT, DXL3020-36PT, DXL3020-16PT, DXL3010-08, DXL3010-06, DXL3010-10, DXL3810-06, DXL3810-08, DXL2010-04, DXL3010-04, DXL3110-04, DXL3110-08, DXL2010-08, DXL3410-10, DXL2010-06, DXL3410-12, DXL3010-07, DXL2010-02, PD532MHI005, PD612MHB005, PD123MHB008, PD422MHI005, F340660, DWMT75000, DWMT78086, DCBL720P1, DCB305-4, DC9096-2, DCL043
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