OSHA Dustless Tool Solutions

Products that offer OSHA-compliant dustless solutions come from industry-leading power tool brands that are dedicated not only to work efficiency but also to the health of workers. Bosch, DeWalt, Festool, Makita, Milwaukee, and Skilsaw, among other manufacturers, all offer OSHA-compliant dustless tools and vacuums that trap debris and dust before they become a hazard for workers.
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OSHA-compliant dustless tools like rotary, demo and breaker hammers, circular saws and grinders create a lot of saw and masonry dust and debris as they operate at high revs and rpm. These pneumatic and electric power tools are brutes in the field or at the construction site, and they rely on innovative OHSA-compliant dustless attachments to control the debris they throw off into the air. Some of these accessories, such as those for concrete and masonry grinders, include circular shrouds or covers that fit above the grinding wheel and tunnel dust and debris out through their vacuum ports. Other OSHA-compliant dustless tool attachments for drill and impact hammers consist of bit-ring collars that fit different chisel and bit sizes. Still other attachments fit on the side of hammer housings with bit ring collars and either a vacuum port or self-contained filtration.

The attachments with ports hook into dedicated dust-extraction units or wet-dry vac containers. Numerous OSHA-compliant dustless accessories include connectors, adapters and hoses that let the tools and vacs work together, as well as vac attachments like brushes, wands and nozzles to clean up any residue from OSHA-compliant dustless tool work. These accessories also include dust collection bags of different materials that trap larger particulates before they go into the main filtration unit, as well as filters of different grades that are end containment points in separate dust collector units and vacuums.

OSHA-compliant dustless solutions include creative, considerate products by the major power-tool manufacturers to maintain a safe job-site environment for professionals. When you check out all the tools, dust extraction systems and dustless attachments and accessories they offer, you'll want to find out more about their entire line of tool and accessory products.
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