Count on Nova tools and accessories to help you deliver the results you want, whether you're building personal or professional woodworking projects. Whatever your skill level, their products are easy to master and maintain. They allow you the most flexibility in working, whether turning a piece of wood or performing complex inlay work.

Nova wood lathes feature ample swing capacity and extendable beds to accommodate many different lengths of wood. They also have various speed ranges, enabling you to turn your wood into a finished piece quickly. Their table-top lathes are ideal for projects like bowls or pens. Their larger, floor-standing lathes feature reversible motors, wide speed ranges, expandable beds, vibration dampening and 360-degree swivel heads for precision machining. All Nova lathes feature sturdy cast iron construction.

Use Nova wood lathe accessories to enhance your lathe's capabilities. From software upgrades to the NOVA DVR™ Wireless Remote, there is a full line of replacement parts and accessories for both table-top and free-standing lathes. NOVA DVR Wireless Technology is an innovative process that frees lathes from being belt-driven. It also monitors stress on the drive and watches for resistance so it can minimize the risk of damage to your project, your lathe and yourself. For those who prefer traditionally-driven lathes, however, Nova still produces a few models.

Nova chucks and accessories allow for quick changes and provide a range of jaw shapes to facilitate various wood turning needs. Nova developed the four jaw self-centering chuck for wood, a feature that is now standard on many woodturning tools. They have a wide variety of chuck sizes and fasteners, including their most recent development, the Infinity Chuck range, a system that offers a more rigid and robust jaw that offers enhanced turning and holding possibilities.

Consider Nova woodworking products and accessories when you want to expand your workshop because they will deliver years of service.