What is Milwaukee M18?
Milwaukee M18 is a line of cordless, 18 volt (V) power tools from Milwaukee tools which offer craftsmen and contractors outstanding power, durability, and efficiency.

Tools in the Milwaukee’s M18 Tool Line
Both the M18 compact and M18 XC tool lines include products such as cordless drills, cordless impact wrenches, cordless angle grinders, workplace radios, and many more too. These tools are also available with integrated POWERSTATE or REDLINK technologies. If you have an application, Milwaukee has a solution.

The M18 cordless power tool line is made of two types of tools, M18 compact tools and M18 XC (extended capacity). M18 compact tools are designed for easier handling. While the M18 XC line is designed for extra durability and battery life.

Within its M18 line, Milwaukee also offer M18 tools that are integrated with POWERSTATE or REDLINK technology. Milwaukee’s POWERSTATE technology means that the tool is designed with a brushless motor which lasts longer than conventional motors. Milwaukee’s REDLINK means the tool is designed with overload protection to ensure for outstanding power management and safety.

Milwaukee M18 Batteries
One of the best things about Milwaukee’s M18 line is its cross-compatible batteries and chargers . M18 batteries come in several varieties with each model designed to meet specific needs. M18 battery types include M18 compact batteries for easier handling, M18 XC extended capacity batteries are designed for increased battery life, and M18 FUEL batteries are designed for efficient battery and battery charge management. However, once you have the batteries, you can use them to power the any individual M18 Milwaukee bare tool you later purchase to fill in your collection.

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Combo Kits
An excellent way to set yourself or your crew up with M18 tools is to get an M18 cordless combo kit that comes with batteries, a charger and any tools you need. We have the largest selection of Milwaukee cordless combo kits.

Why Buy Milwaukee M18 Tools?
Milwaukee’s M18 cordless tools provide tremendous power, versatility, and efficiency, making them a good investment and an ideal solution for any job you throw its way.

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