Milwaukee Cordless Saws are ideal tools for both home applications and on the professional job site. The range of saws is almost as diverse as the amount of jobs that they are capable of performing. Keep reading to find out which cordless saws are right for you.
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Cordless circular saws pack a great deal of power and feature a large cutting blade. Milwaukee cordless circular saws are ideal for straight cuts, such as cutting lumber for a deck or framing work. Cordless reciprocating saws feature a long, thin blade and are perfect for getting into tight spaces. Contractors use Milwaukee cordless sawzalls and hackzalls to cut off protruding wood or metal from a project. The rapid motion of a reciprocating saw makes quick work of even thick rebar.

Cordless jigsaws utilize small blades and are excellent for cutting shapes into wood. Various blades for Milwaukee cordless jig saws make them ideal for cutting wood, laminate, metal and tile. Milwaukee cordless portable band saws make more even cuts than other saw types and feature a flexible blade around two wheels. This design gives cordless band saws durable and even-wearing blades while still delivering the power to cut through thick metal.

Each of these cordless saws runs on the M12, M18 or M28 battery system. The batteries in these systems are durable, longer running than previous models and able to take more charges overall. Any tool in the M12, M18 or M28 line accepts any battery in its line, meaning that one battery set can power all of your tools all day long.

All of these Milwaukee cordless tools benefit from a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. Each of them features rugged construction with strong metal and durable plastic components. Many jobs require saws, and Milwaukee's cordless models ensure that you'll have the right one for each project.
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