Bend all types of metal to your will with our professional-grade metal working tools. For everything from bending to cutting to welding, we offer everything you need to get the job done. Outfit your garage, job site or machine shop with the best tools from our warehouse.

Metal is an unforgiving material. Its rigidity allows for incredibly precise tolerances, but that can also make it difficult to work with. That's why we offer engineering machine tools specially designed to cut and shape metal parts. With these stationary metal working tools, you can shear and bend sheet metal, create complex rods on a lathe, and mill your pieces down to exactly the right size. Once you've managed that, a good bench grinder can give your material a beautiful sheen.

Forge and shape your metal on one of our metal working anvils for a more traditional result. Our metal working hand tools are designed to withstand high temperatures and sharp impacts, perfect for smithing or metal sculpture. Hand tools are also excellent for detail work; remove unsightly burrs from your workpieces with our files and rasps, and grip and bend hot pieces with a versatile vise grip.

No metal shop is complete without welding, soldering and brazing apparatus. We have the metal working tools and equipment you need to weld successfully and safely. Our professional grade safety equipment will protect your hands, face and body from wayward sparks while using one of our many welders and plasma cutters.

Working with metal requires patience, precision, and the right metal working tools for the job. When shopping for metal working tools, remember that it's always better to have the exact right tool for your project than to try and improvise with less suitable tools. With so many high-quality options to choose from, finding what you need should be a simple task.

Check out our wide selection of metalworking saws, drill presses, tool sharpeners, and find the right tool to complete your job quickly and easily. Acme Tools has a large inventory of various metalworking tools from some the best brands including JET, Metabo, Fein, DeWalt, Milwaukee Tools, and more. Shop online or visit an Acme Tools store near you.