We have a complete range of material handling equipment to take the strain out of moving anything including pallets, crates, construction equipment and bulky furniture. This includes material handling equipments suitable for factory production floors and other equipment to facilitate lifting and carrying bulky and awkward items.

Our material handling products comprise a wide range of carts, including platform trucks, scissor lift trolleys and dollies. If you need to move and handle drummed products, we have drum handling equipment that's designed for manual or forklift transport of drums and tippers that allow product to be dispensed from drums. Other material handling supply products include nifty utility carts designed for use in workshops, offices and production areas.

Our hand trucks and dollies category includes two-wheeled hand trucks for moving bulky objects such as crates, gas bottles and pipes, as well as models with large wheels suitable for rough terrain. We stock several material handling lift trolleys for lifting and transporting bulky or heavy equipment.

There's a selection of casters and glides that are great for replacing worn-out casters or for the manufacture of material handling products that use castor wheels. Sizes vary and materials include rubber, polyurethane and impact-resistant phenolic wheels.

If you have products that need to be heated before use, look at our material heating equipment category, and choose from our drum and gas bottle heating blankets. There are also rectangular heating boxes that can be used to warm heat-sensitive roofing materials, epoxies, paint cans and other materials prior to use on construction sites.

Our material handling products range covers most light construction, factory and production requirements. Other products in the material handling category include lifting straps, moving blankets, rigging hardware as well as banding machines and pallet jacks. Take a look and see which one is right for you.