When you're working with concrete, drywall, plaster and painting, consistency is everything. Tools may seem similar across manufacturers, but small design improvements can make a big difference over the course of the job. Whether you're looking for a concrete mixer or a hand trowel, our Marshalltown® tools are the one of the best choices for the job.

Marshalltown drywall and painting tools offer innovative products for DIYers, such as the 6-in-1 Tool. This rugged, tempered tool functions as paint can opener, putty knife, caulk remover, hammer and even a paint roller cleaner, allowing you to get it done with fewer tools. It also has a weighted handle to balance out the heavier blade, making it comfortable for extended use. Our Marshalltown drywall tools also improve on the basics for more comfort and functionality. The Marshalltown Stainless Steel Taping Knife has a flexible blade for feathering, and a comfortable handle to keep your hands comfortable during tough jobs.

Marshalltown masonry tools withstand the rigors of working with mortar. The company's Philadelphia and London brick trowels, forged from a single piece of high carbon steel, have extra strength and consistent flexibility aids control, allowing you to place the mortar just where you need it. We also stock Marshalltown concrete tools for every step of the job, from concrete mixers to finishing blades.

Plaster tools aren't complicated, but they do need to be high quality. Marshalltown plaster tools have the strength and consistency professionals need on the job. These stainless steel trowels have a consistent durable finish you can depend on. Marshalltown hawks, available in both aluminum and lightweight magnesium, have specially designed handles to help prevent callousing, even when you're holding them all day.Whether you're rolling paint or pouring concrete, quality tools lead to a consistent job. Our Marshalltown tools balance rugged construction and smart design, making them ideal for professional work or home repair.