Klein Nut Drivers

About Klein Nut Drivers
Enjoy comfortable, professional-grade tools for all your electrical and mechanical needs. Klein nut drivers are perfect for working on light fixtures, electric panels, HVAC systems and other appliances. Whether you need a complete set or a single multi-purpose driver, enjoy professional solutions for your DIY or job site projects today. Discover how these professional tools compare to budget tools and invest in quality tools for professional performance.

Types of Klein Heavy-Duty Nut Drivers
Shop for a range of Klein heavy duty nut drivers for a complete set to tackle any project. Compare shank length, head size and durability to find the perfect nut driver for your needs. Heavy-duty drivers include a thicker shaft and a rare-earth magnet to prevent your nut from falling after it’s loosened from the bolt. These are the tools professionals use to get the job done quickly. Select a set with color-coded tips or handles for quick selection of the exact tool you need.

Multi-nut Drivers from Klein
An all-in-one solution is a Klein nut driver multi tool. Buy an all-in-one solution to any situation you may find yourself in. Multi-nut drivers come in five-in-one or even seven-in-one capabilities, so you’ll never be missing the right driver again. Only Klein offers this level of convenience with the best quality tools around.

Klein Insulated Nut Driver Set
For added safety, Klein nut drivers are insulated to reduce the risk of electrical shock. Your favorite Klein insulated nut driver set has rubber grips for both insulation and safety. That way, you can be sure you’re protected for any electrical project. Take advantage of the extreme grips of these rugged drivers to apply more force and receive maximum torque. Stubborn hex nuts can be rusted or over-tightened, so you need a quality nut driver to wrench them off the bolt and keep your project moving forward. From commercial electrical projects to DIY furnace repair, get the job done with Klein Tools nut drivers today.

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