About JLG
JLG Industries, Inc. has been earning customer confidence and trust through innovation since 1969. Customers are their greatest priority, and they remain steadfast in the commitment to understanding their challenges.

As the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of access equipment, JLG products and personnel can be found all over the world, going above and beyond to support customers. They deliver the powerful, versatile equipment customers need along with unsurpassed training and service, because of their responsibility as more than a manufacturing company. JLG is a partner in their customer’s success, reaching out worldwide to enable performance, boost productivity, ensure uptime and support forward progress.

What types of JLG Lifts Are There?
You need to go higher. Work faster. Do more. Check out the lift equipment from JLG that will take you to new heights, helping you conquer those challenges with confidence. JLG offers scissor lifts, low level access lifts, boom lifts, telehandlers, and other types of lifts.

JLG Gas Boom Lifts
JLG manufacturers’ engine powered boom lifts. A diesel boom lift from that gives you the power and reach you need on the job. Both articulating boom lifts (sometimes called Knuckle boom lifts) and telescopic boom lifts are available.

JLG Electric Boom Lifts
Electric and hybrid aerial lifts let you work inside and out for more flexibility. This line includes the Compact Crawler series, as well as the Toucan, articulating and telescopic construction lifts. From a non-powered, one man lift to various sizes of personnel lifts, the low-level access category offers facility solutions to boost productivity at your business.

JLG Stock Picker Lifts
Improve efficiency with a stock picker. The sleek design and mobile access platforms are perfect for warehouses and distribution centers with narrow aisles.

JLG Scissor Lifts
Scissor-type access platforms, are available in both electric and engine powered models. Enhance productivity with everything from a one man scissor lift to the highest scissor lift offered from. For material lifting equipment, telehandlers have the power and versatility to get the job done. With all-wheel steering and various sizes to choose from, you can find one to fit your application.

JLG Hydraulic Work Platforms
Towable hydraulic work platforms give you the power to complete tasks like tree trimming, decorating and painting. Choose a towable aerial boom lift for an easier option for transportation.

Why Buy A JLG Lift?
JLG harness’ the power of customer-inspired innovation to build advanced equipment solutions. But we do more than advance our machines. We advance the job site experience. See the milestones that defined our first 50 years and solidified our place as a world-leading access equipment manufacturer. Years ago, people were limited by how high they can climb.

Now, we’ve climbed higher than we never imagined. The boom John L. Grove built changed the way the world worked at height, and today new technologies, like telematics, robotics and autonomous machines, are advancing the industry even further. As we move forward, it’s important that we never lose sight of this industry’s greatest asset: people. Because when good people lead, good things follow.

JLG Lift For Sale At Acme Tools
We have a large showroom of in-stock heavy equipment in Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA with dedicated sales people and factory trained technicians to help you be more productive. Shop JLG lifts online with Acme Tools or at an Acme Tool store near me! We also have JLG lift rentals at our affiliated, Acme Rents store.