Professionals trust JET® tools for metalworking, woodworking and rigging jobs. Since 1958, the company has built a reputation around high-quality equipment, focusing production on these three trades. JET offers bench and stationary tools for metal and woodworking jobs. The company's material handling products help in many home and industrial environments.
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JET woodworking machinery delivers precision cuts and fast cleanup. From the first cut to the last brush-stroke, this equipment helps with a variety of tasks. JET band saws and other stationary machinery rely on heavy duty construction to perform industrial quality jobs without locking up. These tools deliver precision cuts on home and commercial projects, so you can use them as easily for detailed scroll work as you do for planing. JET dust collectors even help with cleanup.

This brand offers metalworking tools as well. JET lathes simplify metal turning jobs, and the brand's bench tools handle tough metal grinding tasks. Whether you need to create precise holes in a steel beam or shape a flat sheet before shipping it off site, this equipment handles all the toughest materials. JET hand tools give this same level of performance on the job. You can use these tools on site for a variety of tasks.

JET material handling equipment serves as one of the brand's most important offerings. These tools make it easy to lift and move your materials, even in constrictive environments. JET jacks and hoists keep you in control of your materials. This equipment latches in place and gives you the leverage you need to lift the heaviest items with greater ease than ever.

Professional quality work requires reliable machinery. JET material handling equipment helps with setup and tear-down. The brand's bench tools handle precision tasks, and their stationary equipment sustains performance even through tough industrial usage. You can find JET tools to help with all kinds of metal and woodworking jobs.
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