Jet Tools


About JET Tools
Since 1958 JET has built a reputation that professionals who work with metalworking, woodworking, and rigging jobs trust. Founded by Leslie P. Sussman after taking the first Boeing Jet Airplane trip from Seattle, WA to Japan. For over 50 years, JET has been able to supply products all over the U.S.

Types of JET Tools
Known for woodworking, JET Tools has many other tools to fit a variety of jobs including air tools and air compressors to handle of delicate to tougher jobs. Their impressive lineup also includes lifting systems and ways to carry items around your shop. They even have jacks and bolt cutters for specific situations.

Why Buy JET Tools
You want reliable metalworking, woodworking machinery & tools for quality work. With JET Tools, no matter if it’s setting up or tearing down, you will have equipment that performs to sustain the best work for your job.