JET® milling tools help you achieve precise results on all sorts of projects. Their multi-axis heads and connected displays give you enough versatility for large and small tasks.

All Jet CNC mills provide precision and automation. These Jet milling machines include two and three-axis controls so that you can shape materials in any direction. Meehanite® frames support your materials and reduce vibrations while you work. Some of these Jet milling tools have Intel Celeron® processors with USB and Ethernet compatibility. They automatically shape materials based on imported CAD and CAM files so that you can reproduce digital structures in physical stock. Their ability to read digital files and create precise cuts make these machines valuable additions to industrial shops.

You may not need full automation for every task. In many cases, Jet vertical mills work just as quickly as their computerized counterparts. These machines may not provide the same level of automation as CNC mills, but they do connect with digital readouts. These displays show precise measurement information so you can achieve exact cut lines in metal. Jet vertical mills also feature the same tough Meehanite construction as the manufacturer's CNC mills, and they have hardened ground tables for extra strength. Their spindle bearings ensure smooth table movement on two axes, which prevents snags and hangups while you work.

For smaller jobs, Jet mill drills offer a lighter overall body than standard vertical mills. These machines use belt drives to move their chucks, and they have the same two-axis table style as more complex machines. They also connect with digital readouts to provide the same precision as more complex units. Their smaller sizes make Jet mill drills especially useful in home shops.

These milling tools deliver valuable precision and immense cutting power for projects of all sizes. Whether you want a CNC mill that automatically shapes stock from digital design files or a lightweight Jet milling machine to use for smaller projects, you can find one that meets your needs right here.