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Husqvarna® vacuums are an excellent way to keep workshops and job sites tidy. A clean work area minimizes the spread of dust and debris into adjacent occupied spaces and keeps surfaces free of grit that can damage finishes. Regular cleaning with Husqvarna wet and dry vacuums can also reduce airborne dust, which keeps workers healthy and reduces the need for protective gear and dust barriers.
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With powerful single-phase motors that provide plenty of suction, these industrial vacuum cleaners are an excellent choice for almost any cleaning task. They can even handle tough cleaning jobs such as picking up the dust produced by Husqvarna diamond coring tools or concrete saws. You can also take advantage of their wet suction to control slurry produced when using Husqvarna Construction diamond bits and blades with water cooling systems.

Lightweight and wheeled, these vacuums are easy to move around the work site, so you can put cleaning power where you need it. Most also have convenience features such as extra-long hoses that extend their reach and drainage outlets that make emptying waste water simple. Air filtration systems on Husqvarna wet and dry vacuums use washable filters, and you can clean them while the unit is running, minimizing maintenance downtime.

Some Husqvarna industrial vacuum cleaners have remote start capabilities and come with hose adapters so they can be directly connected to select Husqvarna Construction tools. These connections let a single worker operate both the primary tool and the cleanup system using a single set of controls.

Maintaining a clean job site promotes worker health and safety, eliminates damage to finished surfaces and keeps customers happy. Husqvarna wet and dry vacuums can handle simple cleanup tasks or deal with demanding jobs, such as controlling dust and slurry from Husqvarna Construction saws . Browse our selection of Husqvarna vacuums and find the right cleaning solution for your workshop or job site.
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