Husqvarna® Construction tools include products essential for professionals in the building industry. Among the company's notable offerings are products equipped with the brand's patented Soff-Cut® sawing system and innovative Cut-n-break technology that's suitable for a wide range of applications. From tough diamond coring bits and blades to multipurpose saws, Husqvarna's range of industrial tools improves the efficiency of skilled tradesmen. For tools built to last and cope with the rigorous demands of the hardiest jobsites, choose from the full range of Husqvarna Construction products.
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Breaking in a new worksite requires drilling through hard surfaces and cutting tough materials. For such tasks, it's best to use heavy-duty tools sturdy enough to remain sharp and undamaged by materials like reinforced concrete and masonry. Husqvarna diamond coring tools easily drill through such features as well as natural stones and tiles without losing their edge.

In addition to drilling, tradesmen often have to cut through tiles and bricks. Your crew can save time by bringing along powered Husqvarna saws for such jobs. Husqvarna offers a number of high-precision saws including multiple models of handheld power cutters and walk behind saws. Check out the selection of diamond blades offered by Husqvarna Construction and make sure to outfit your new saws with the right ones. Some blades feature Diagrip™, a technology that reduces vibrations at high speeds.

The brand's diamond-tipped tools excel at drilling and cutting steel-reinforced concrete, and they also produce less debris, noise and vibration than many similar tools. With Husqvarna diamond bits and blades, you'll cut the time required to finish your projects and save labor cost as well. When your project nears its completion, it's time to think about tidying the worksite. For this purpose, Husqvarna Construction offers powerful, compact wet/dry vacuums for removing dust from the work environment.

Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY hobbyist, Husqvarna Construction products help take your building and renovation projects from start to finish. While looking for work supplies, don't forget to check out our line of additional accessories for your Husqvarna tools.
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