Hitachi / Metabo HPT

Metabo HPT Bonus Tool Rebate
Free grinder, battery or AC adapter with select MultiVolt purchase
Mail in rebate expires 3-31-20
Free circular saw with select 18V brushless combo kit
Free Circluar Saw
with select 18V
brushless combo kit
Special pricing on all 18V finish and framing bare tools
Special Pricing
on all 18V finish and
framing bare tools
Free drill and LED light with select framing nailer purchase
Free Drill and LED Light
with select
framing nailer purchase
New 36V rebar bender available March 1
New Product!
36V Rebar Bender
Available 3/1/20
Only 99 10 In Compound Miter Saw
Only $99
15 Amp, 10" Lightweight
Compound Miter Saw
New 36V 7 In Compound Sliding Miter Saw
New Product!
36V 7-1/4" Compound
Sliding Miter Saw
Hitachi® is one of the world's premier manufacturing firms, and they achieved their status through vigorous commitment to quality. They produce virtually any tool your professional or homeowner project might require.

Hitachi staplers let you protect your building project by quickly installing house wrap or roofing paper. These high-speed models can save your entire project by shielding bare wood from weather that can spoil it or encourage mold growth. Hitachi pneumatic nailers fire rapidly in bump fire mode for large-scale production or singly for greater precision. Adjustable depth allows you to set the nails flush or as shallow or deep as your project requires. Power the nailers and the staplers with large-volume, high-pressure Hitachi air compressors to ensure that you can keep working until the job is finished.

When you need total portability, you have many options to choose. Hitachi cordless tools feature long-lasting HXP Li-Ion batteries. Unlike bulky Ni-Cad models, these batteries deliver extended running time and don't fade as they lose power. Their brushless motors reduce wear on the internal components for extended battery life. The lithium-ion 18V cordless tool line is so dependable that it comes with lifetime warranties.

Hitachi power tools include a number of safety and comfort features. The company's patented IDI system utilizes a metal interior case with plastic over it to reduce electrical shock and tool-wrecking vibrations. Ergonomic handles, grips, and triggers allow you to work with less fatigue over the course of the workday.

No project is too small to bring anything less than pro-level quality. Hitachi delivers top-tier performance as well as ease of use and durability in all of their tool models. Enhance your efficiency and power with their tools and see outstanding, pro-level results for yourself.