About Hart
Hart started making framing hammers in 1983. After the initial success of that product, the brand expanded its product line to include other types of hammers and utility tools.

The brand has developed a reputation for excellence, thanks to the simplicity and quality of its tools. There is no need to overcomplicate things when designing a tool. This philosophy has helped Hart meet customers’ expectations with sturdy and simple tools that get the job done.

The brand also emphasizes quality and balance. Hart always looks for new ways to refine tool designs and improve performance. The hammers and similar utility tools are great buys because of the attention to design and balance.

The brand stands behind its products. There is a limited lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects and other issues.

Types of Hart Products
Hart is a brand that got started by making quality framing hammers. The brand now offers a wide range of product categories:

Products like the 21 Oz. Steel Framing Hammer are similar to the very first products the brand started manufacturing in the 1980s. The brand offers tools for other types of projects like landscaping work. The 1.5 Lb Mini Mattock with Power Fin and Offset Pick is a sturdy and versatile landscaping tool.

Hart also makes some tools for professionals like its lightweight Roofing Cutter.

Why Buy Hart Products?
Hart is a sound choice because of the brand’s attention to details and quality. There is a large selection of performing tools for a wide range of jobs.

There is a lifetime warranty on everything sold by Hart, and you will get rugged and reliable tools that get the job done. If you need tools for building, precision projects, landscaping, and professional applications, you can’t go wrong with Hart.