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About Fein Tools
Fein is recognized worldwide for selling some of the best-performing power tools on the market that are a top choice for professionals in the automotive, construction, woodworking, and metalworking industries. Above all, the brand has proved its ingenuity and reliability over the years by consistently creating durable corded and cordless power tools and power tool accessories that help industry experts and DIYers alike achieve professional-looking results with any project. By offering innovative solutions for specialized tasks, Fein tools are often a step ahead of top competitors such as Dewalt, Milwaukee, Dremel, and Bosch.

While Fein was founded by Wilhelm Emil Fein in 1867, the company first entered the world of power tools when the founder's son, also named Emil Fein, invented the very first electric hand drill. This made way for the electric corded and cordless drills of today that have become a staple for professionals and homeowners alike. The German-based company then went on to develop the first tin snips, jigsaw, and oscillating multi-tool, among other innovative tools over the past 150 years.

Popular Fein Tools
From sanding tools and grinders to magnetic and cordless drills, we carry a large variety of popular hand tools that customers love to add to their shopping carts. For effectively cutting through metal, purchase the top-selling Slugger metal cutting saw and corrugated sheet nibbler. Search through our selection of angle grinders, die grinders, and belt grinders for your next woodworking project. Achieve the end result you're looking for when you check out an orbit sander and polisher.

We understand that the right accessories for your power tools are essential for completing projects with ease, which is why we carry a large selection of attachments and replacement parts for popular Fein tools. Find replacement blades for your Fein tools, including E-Cut saw blades with bi-metal toothing for cutting through sheet metal. Most blades are even compatible with the StarLock mounting system. We also carry multiple sizes and types of annular cutters and circular blades, so you can tackle any job that comes your way. Easily browse through our Fein sanding discs and triangle sandpaper sheets to find the correct grit density you need for your current grinding, sanding, or polishing project. Don't forget to add StarLock backing pads and polishing pads before you checkout.

Fein also offers professional dust management solutions with a line of high-quality shop vacuums. These dust extractors can easily pick up fine particles and debris, and you can even attach your tools to catch dust while sanding or performing other tasks that create a lot of dust. Purchase the compact Turbo I Fein vacuum or opt for the larger capacity Turbo II with either a standard filter or HEPA filter. You can purchase all the attachments you need to tackle tough cleaning tasks individually or buy them as a set. We also carry replacement hoses, filters, and bags.

The MultiMaster Oscillating Multi-Tool
For a tool that can do it all, purchase the popular MultiMaster oscillating multi-tool. Cutting through drywall, tackling difficult sanding jobs, and removing grout and caulk are just a few examples of what this super tool is capable of. When it comes to tackling large projects that require sawing, sanding, scraping, grinding, and polishing, the Fein MultiMaster can do it all. While there are many other oscillating multi-tools on the market, Fein was the original creator and continues to beat the competition by providing the smoothest and most efficient performance.

The Fein MultiMaster can be paired with a variety of accessories that can be purchased individually or in a tool kit. We carry a variety of blades, backing pads, and sandpaper sheets that can be used with your oscillating multi-tool. Fein's unique StarLock mounting system takes all the effort out of switching accessories by removing the need for any pins or tools. Simply snap accessories into place within seconds, and avoid wasting precious time completing a project. The StarLock mounting system and accessories can even be used with compatible competitor multi-tools.

Why Buy Fein Tools?
Fein tools offer the power, accuracy, and versatility that you need to deliver outstanding results time after time. They also are highly durable tools, and to stand behind their promise for high quality, durable tools, Fein protects their lithium-ion batteries and chargers, cordless tools and power tools with the three-year FEIN PLUS guarantee, giving you peace of mind for your investment. Add Fein’s high-quality tools to your collection and enjoy top-tier performance for years to come.

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