About EMPIRE Level
EMPIRE Level has been a leading manufacturer of measuring tools since 1919. EMPIRE’s measuring tools are used by woodworkers, metalworkers and construction-site professionals measure, lay out and build projects accurately according to specifications. Their wide range of products include levels, marking tools and layout tools, measuring tapes, and magnetic sweeps.

EMPIRE Measuring Tools are Heavy Duty
These measuring tools have boldly printed, etched or stamped graduations, many in both inches and millimeters. Long-reel measuring tapes have double-sided markings for inch-foot and engineer's scales, with blades that are either nylon-clad steel or fiberglass to protect against the elements. Straight edges are cast from solid aluminum, while rulers and calipers are stainless steel.

Why Buy EMPIRE Levels and Measuring Tools?
EMPIRE’s broad line of measuring tools and instruments are high quality, high accuracy tools that professionals need to move their project from blueprint to completion.

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