Electrical tools aid with a wide variety of electrical projects, and allow for better wire control with special features for every environment. Shop for the crimpers, strippers & cutters, tensioners, fish tapes, punches and power cords you need for your next project by choosing one of the categories that best fits your needs.

Cable cutters function as one of the most common tools for those working with electric systems. These tools remain one of the most important parts of the tool belt for anyone who works with any quantity of wire. Pair these with a knockout punch for materials like sheet metal and electrical pipe. Cable pullers come in handy in many electrical jobs as well. Use them to obtain a better grip or to avoid distortion when working with standard wires. You may also look for wire caddies to simplify wire storage, and to help with the cable cutters and pullers you already have on-site.

Cable tie tensioners simplify the whole cable tying process. They automatically determine the required tension and even provide the cut. Conduit benders offer another important application. These tools safely shape conduits based on the site's needs, and, like pullers, help to avoid distortion in wires through every step of the process. Use conduit cutters in conjunction with benders, and finish the line with perfect, square cuts. Electrical tools even include inspection accessories like cameras to help with narrow space viewing, for use before the job begins.

From cable ties to extension cords, this range of tools includes tons of options for the professional electrician. Cable installation technicians may enjoy some of the same benefits, even in differing environments. Whatever the job, start by choosing the tools that help with the wires you use most frequently. Tools and accessories help with wire tension, cuts and extension. Shop for the solutions you'll need for your most frequent projects.

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