About EDCO
Back in 1959, employees from a rental store realized customers were struggling with resurfacing uneven concrete floors. To better serve their customers, the employees created the first Concrete Floor Grinder. Because of the high demand for the product, the employees founded EDCO. Today, the made in America, family-owned company offers many different EDCO products.

Concrete Grinder
The Concrete Grinder made EDCO the leading manufacturer in surface preparation, restoration, professional sawing equipment, and more. The high-quality grinders remove thick coatings and smooth rough or uneven surfaces.

Concrete Planer
Level, remove, and texture surfaces with EDCO Crete-Planer Systems. The machines and cutting tools tackle common slab applications like unevenness, surface damage, surface marking removal, and sidewalk trip hazard repair.

Tile Saw & Masonry Saw
Cut tile, brick, pavers, and blocks with EDCO Masonry, Tile, & Hardscape Cutting products. The tile saw for both professionals and homeowners utilizes a continuous rimmed blade to cut tile 20". Masonry saws use both chopping and fixed positions for different types of landscaping and masonry cuts.

Floor Stripper
Floor Strippers are ideal for both concrete and wood surfaces. Remove ceramic, linoleum, vinyl, parquet, and many other types of floor coverings.

Core Drill
EDCO Core Drills are designed to remove the core of materials. Core Drills are most common in plumbing, engineering, and installation applications.

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