DEWALT Pneumatic Tools

DEWALT® pneumatic tools are all powered from a central air compressor. They're powerful enough to deliver fast and professional results.
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Pneumatic staplers give you the ability to tack small staples into delicate wood, such as molding, securely but without damaging its finish. They feature connections that are universal across their particular size, so you can use them with virtually any air compressor. Keep fully stocked on brads and you can work throughout the day.

Pneumatic nailers let you drive nails into lumber to finish framing jobs quickly. These tools help save you the effort of swinging a hammer all day long. DEWALT pneumatic nailers are lighter than other tools because there's no batteries, only a single air hose. These tools work with special nails that come in clips sized to insert easily into the nailer. Use them in regular mode to set up your nail and drive it with precision, or bump fire mode for incredible speed. Models with depth selection let you preset the force delivered for consistent results with every press of the trigger.

Other DEWALT pneumatic tools include die grinders for use in metal, auto or machine shops. They'll remove burrs and other unwanted material quickly and effortlessly. Drills and impact drivers make fast work of fastener installation or removal. Sprayers are ideal for applying stain, paint or other coatings in far less time than it takes to brush them on by hand and with even, material-saving coats. Air-powered palm sanders allow you to apply a gorgeous finish to your woodworking pieces.

DEWALT pneumatic tools are simple to hook up and change out when you switch tasks. Each one features a protective 3-year limited warranty enhanced with a 1-year free service contract. Check out our wide array of DEWALT pneumatic tools and get the one that's just right for your next project.
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