About DeWalt Cordless Tools
DeWalt cordless tools (literally) give you the power to work anywhere. DeWalt’s cordless tool collection is made up of high performance, high durability, and high accuracy battery powered tools that make the collection both extensive and comprehensive, covering nearly all applications and needs on the jobsite. DeWalt’s massive cordless tool collection includes cordless saw, cordless drills, cordless wrenches, cordless grinders, cordless cordless grinders, and more.

Power and Efficiency
DeWalt’s cordless tools are an ideal blend of power and efficiency, helping you work faster and smarter. Each of DeWalt’s cordless tool lines are based on different voltage platforms that offer power ranging from 8V - 120V. Each tool line is designed to meet your specific needs while still ensuring that each tool offers the same great durability, precision, quality, battery life, and performance you’d expect from any DeWalt tool. While they are powerful, DeWalt’s cordless tools are designed with brushless motors that deliver a more efficient power that lasts longer than regular motors, meaning you tools last longer.

Why Buy DeWalt Cordless Tools?
DeWalt tools are high performance, high efficiency, and high accuracy tools that help you get the job done faster and more accurate than you did before. Upgrade your entire cordless tool collection with DeWalt cordless tools today and enjoy top-tier performance and convenience.

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