About Bosch Cordless Tools
Bosch cordless tools are excellent for outdoor work because their long-lasting batteries allow you to work anywhere without the constraints of needing a power point nearby. Using interchangeable lithium-ion batteries, these cordless tools have sufficient power for hours of work. and when it's time to recharge, Bosch's fast recharging systems mean you can refresh your batteries quickly.

Types of Bosch Cordless Tools
Bosch cordless tools come in three sizes with 12-Volt, 18-Volt, and 36-Volt battery systems of varying capacities to provide power for the toughest of jobs. A good place to start is with a Bosch cordless bare tool and build up your collection from there.

A cordless drill is one of the most common tools you'll need. Bosch cordless drills range from lightweight models that are perfect for light-duty drilling and driving wood screws up to heavy-duty hammer drills with the capability to drill through concrete. For those in construction or work on do-it-yourself projects frequently, a Bosch cordless saw is ideal for your woodworking and cutting needs. The range includes circular and reciprocating saws designed for heavy-duty work through to jigsaws and band saws that are capable of intricate work. A planer is a key piece of equipment for woodworkers, and Bosch cordless planers are powerful, lightweight, and a good choice for finishing off rough timber when you're out on the road or in your backyard.

A grinder is an essential metalworking tool. Bosch cordless grinders are light and compact yet pack a powerful punch. Angle grinders are ideal for heavy cutting and grinding work, and their professional rating means they can withstand harsh conditions. For polishing and finishing work, choose a straight grinder. Operating at 22,000 rpm, these grinders allow you to reach inside corners and other difficult areas.

Why Buy Bosch Cordless Tools?
Bosch cordless tools are designed to meet all your power tool needs. While many are supplied with batteries and chargers, others, especially heavy-duty tools, are not, giving you the flexibility to choose the battery capacity you require. Because batteries are interchangeable, you only need buy a limited number of batteries We have a wide range of useful tools from Bosch for all your woodworking, concrete, and other project needs. Shop Bosch cordless tools and other usefuldust management tools at Acem Tools.