The right attire makes a big difference on the job site. Whether you prefer general apparel for everyday use or require additional protection for harsh environments, these options come with a wide selection to fit a variety of needs. Choose safety apparel for function first, and then consider brand and style.

Many professionals choose work clothes for rugged durability. This applies doubly for safety apparel. For basics, like eye protection and heavy gloves, this already durable clothing features additional functions including items with reflective strips for better visibility at night. For headwear, look for helmets that protect from heavy hits, and glasses that meet OSHA compliance.

Rain gear keeps the whole crew working effectively, even during a downpour. These clothes include water resistant materials to keep skin dry, without trapping in too much heat. Pair these options with waterproof footwear for best results.

Jackets and coats come in a variety of styles, and protect from more than rainy weather. Choose options based on the season, for added warmth during the winter and extra breathability during the summer; also consider the environments you work in.

Coveralls and bibs protect from specific environments, especially in areas that would ruin everyday attire. Look for items that accommodate knee pads or other protective gear, and that handle grease and oil with ease. Several options include additional padding for jobs that require kneeling or crawling, and offer features to help with cleanup.

In addition to work attire, check out all the apparel accessories that help with even more specific traits. These range in style from back and elbow support to straps and harnesses. Focus on the main job attire first, and add the accessories after choosing all of the safety gear. These options aid with everyday job performance, and may offer valuable protection against strains.