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Acme Tools Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Acme Tools Affiliate Program. Are you looking for a method to assist your followers, readers, and subscribers in gaining valuable knowledge about the over 70,000 products that we provide while earning a competitive affiliate commission?

By joining the Acme Tools Affiliate Program, you will have full access to our online catalog, promotions, coupon codes, all while offering an e-commerce solution to your website. Continue to do what you do best, educate, review, and promote the latest cordless tools, woodworking tools, metalworking tools, and heavy equipment while we provide the best in online after the sale service.


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Become an Affiliate Partner

Becoming a partner in our online affiliate program is quick and easy using Impact. Register for an Impact Partner account and apply to the Acme Tools brand. Once you have been accepted you are ready to start earning.

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Track Your Links

Use the Impact tracked links on your website, social media bio, or link tree to any of the 70,000+ items, Brand Pages, or Category pages on the Acme Tools website and earn up to 3% commission with 15-day tracking window on all qualified purchases. Acme Tools can also provide you with custom text links, display banners, remarketing images, and a full data feed to power your program.

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Earning Potential

All transactions are processed by Impact and their state-of-the-art platform which provides you with valuable metrics so you can optimize your website to the best performing links. Increasing your earning potential. We are also available to assist you in proper link placement and can give suggestions to how to market to our customer base.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments regarding becoming an Affiliate Partner, how the program works, or best practices while in the program please feel free to email us for our assistance.