Weather Guard Truck Products

WEATHER GUARD® truck accessories convert most standard pickups into commercial-grade vehicles. Whether you are a construction or service professional, or a DIY-enthusiast who needs extra hauling capacity, Weather Guard's equipment is constructed of heavy-duty materials to withstand lots wear and tear. If you are hauling industrial-grade ladders, power tools or even fuel, Weather Guard truck accessories transforms any regular truck into a safe and effective professional vehicle.
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Weather Guard truck racks maximize the carrying capacity of the truck's roof. Their aluminum construction withstands rust. Clamps and straps allow for easy installation and removal. Most ladder racks have a weight capacity of 600-800 pounds for professional-grade extension ladders. If you need to transfer diesel fuel safely to a job site, transfer tanks come in a variety of sizes depending upon your needs. Internal baffling helps reduce fuel movement, and security features help prevent theft.

Saddle boxes are a popular truck storage solution due to their versatility and ease-of-use. Simply load the box into any standard truck bed, and store your most important tools inside a secure, watertight environment. Cross boxes offer easy access from both sides, with two locking covers for convenience. All-purposes chests offer even more versatility, with a variety of designs and functions. Most Weather Guard accessories are treated with ARMOR-TUF® powder coat or clear coat finish to protect exteriors from wear and tear as well as weather damage. For extra security, look for Weather Guard's EXTREME PROTECTION® lock system to deter theft and vandalism while you're away from your vehicle.

Regardless of your trade, Weather Guard truck equipment helps you transport all types of equipment to and from the job site. Active home improvement specialists can transform most standard pickups into efficient hauling vehicles for their favorite tasks. Weather Guard's equipment has heavy-duty features to withstand all types of weather conditions for years' worth of reliability.
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