Many jobs require preparation before the actual job can begin, and often you'll need to clean up afterwards to provide a better finish. To help in these tasks, we have a wide range of sanding, grinding, buffing and polishing accessories. Whether you're working with wood, metal, stone or plastic, there's an accessory available to make the job easier.
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Fabrication work involving metal often needs cutting or grinding, and that's made easier by the use of the correct grinding accessories. Grinding wheels cut more quickly and with less effort than a hacksaw. A powered grinding wheel removes burrs or cleans the surface prior to welding.

When it comes to preparing materials for a finish, having the best surface is essential. Whether you need a smooth surface to apply stain on wood or a keyed surface to help paint adhere, there are many sanding accessories to aid you in this work. Old metal often needs wire brushing to remove surface rust before you can even start. Assisting you in these jobs is a wide range of belt sanders with replacement sanding belts. Don't forget to look for other essential sanding accessories for dedicated sanding tools and power drills, including wire wheels.

Whether it's hard like granite, flint and reinforced concrete, or soft like sandstone, stone presents its own challenges. We have a large range of cutters available to suit all materials. To remove the cut marks when you're done, look for the right sanding or polishing accessories to help you achieve a perfect finish.

The wide variety of other sanding, grinding and polishing accessories available from us will make all your fabrication work easier and quicker. Achieve better finishes on any type of material when you choose the right polishing or sanding accessories.
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