Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or woodworker by craft, routers are a must-have tool. They have many purposes, including hollowing out channels and milling grooves and flutes. Primarily used for wood, they also work on soft metals such as aluminum. Electric routers are a useful power tool for general woodworking, particularly cabinetry.
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The powerful motors cut through even the hardest of woods using 1/4- or 1/2-inch primary collets that hold the shaft bits. Most power routers have a soft-start mechanism for safety and easy operation. Variable speed models let you set the ideal speed for the material you're working with for more versatility. Single speed models are best for small bits and lightweight jobs. Fixed routers suit most types of routing jobs; plunge routers give more flexibility and precise cutting for complex projects such as stepped cuts. The smooth action and spring lock plunge lever permit precise multiple-pass routing. A quick-release system switches the motor from a fixed base to a plunge base or to specialized bases such as tilt and offset.

Small, lightweight palm grip models are ideal for jobs like hinge mortising. Models with dust extractors are helpful in larger jobs. A lock-on switch permits prolonged use and there are a variety of handle types to choose from for personal comfort. Router kits come with useful accessories such as a parallel side fence for perfect corners, or a 1.5-degree horizontal base to safely cut laminated boards.

Routers undoubtedly add versatility to woodworking jobs and come in handy for fine detailing. They are excellent for trimming deck planks, dovetailing, making window cut outs and for decorative inlays. Choose one of our routers to add to your power tool collection and marvel at how easy you finish your next project.
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