Ridgid Hand Tools

Whatever your trade or home improvement needs, the line of RIDGID® Hand Tools can help make your next project easier. Our tools have been popular with professional plumbers, contractors and home improvement specialists for decades. These tools, including, pliers, hammers and wrenches are suitable for all skill levels and job sites.
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Our iconic red handles are most recognizable on Ridgid plumbing wrenches. Pipe wrenches are the backbone of any plumber's tool kit, and, like all of our tools, carry a lifetime warranty. Strap wrenches can be used for surfaces that could sustain scratches, like PVC or any exposed pipes. Chain wrenches can be used for heavy-duty, extra wide pipes. Our line of specialty wrenches can help with basic plumbing jobs, like installing faucet heads, and complex soil pipe hub installation.

Ridgid crimpers are versatile tools that can cut wire and crimp lugs. This versatility can save room in the toolbox. These tools are mostly used for electrical applications. Every maintenance professional needs a reliable pair of bolt cutters on hand. Ridgid bolt cutters come in a variety of sizes and weights to cut wires, springs, padlocks and more.

No tool kit is complete without a sturdy, reliable hammer. Ridgid hammers and mallets can be used in many construction and building scenarios. Our heads are fabricated from high-quality steel and most have handles shaped from hardened, burnished hickory.

If you need some place to store your tools, Ridgid has a wide array of storage devices, including chests and heavy-duty tool boxes. Chain vise grips and traditional yolk vices are useful for a number of pipe laying and woodworking tasks. Ridgid levels ensure accuracy during every facet of installation.

Hand tools are vital for every single workshop and professional. Every apartment dweller and first-time homeowner needs a basic set of tools that includes wrenches, hand pliers, hammers and more. No matter your task or trade, Ridgid hand tools can help you complete any job efficiently.
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