Porter Cable Sanding Triangles

Porter-Cable® sandpaper helps you remove unwanted and excess material from hardwood, softwood and even metal. Made from high-quality, durable minerals, the sandpaper makes it easy for professionals like construction workers to sand down drywall or DIY enthusiasts to remove paint. If you need industrial sanding strength, whether you're using your hands or a mechanical sander, this sandpaper offers the strength and design to meet your needs.
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Porter-Cable triangle sandpaper is used with oscillating multi-tools and is ideal for reaching into tight spaces and sanding metal, wood and other materials. Some other types of sandpaper work well with specific Porter-Cable sanders. The style of sander determines the type of sandpaper needed, whether it be a belt sander or a sheet sander.

Like any of the Porter-Cable sanding, grinding and polishing accessories, the material that makes up the sanding paper is important. Aluminum Oxide is the typical natural mineral used for making Porter-Cable triangular sandpaper. Aluminum Oxide sandpaper is extremely durable and stays sharp longer by renewing its edges each time you sand.

Many of the multi-packs come with varying grits, including 60,80,120 and 240. These grits tell you the size of the abrasive particles that make up the Aluminum Oxide sandpaper and the type of material they sand. Use grits ranging from 36 to 100 with a sander to remove rust on metal, level wood or strip paint. Higher grits are preferable for removing scratches or removing wood fibers.

Hook and loop sandpaper is a popular choice because of how easy it is to remove and change the pad without the use of tools. Porter-Cable sheet pads accept other types of sandpaper as well, including standard half sheets and adhesive-backed varieties.

Whether you're removing varnish from wood or sanding rust off of metal, Porter-Cable sandpaper is capable of almost any task. Find hook and loop sandpaper, sanders and other Porter-Cable products for your next project or job now.

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