Porter Cable Jigsaw Blades

Porter-Cable® makes reliable equipment for woodworkers and construction professionals that can withstand heavy-duty use. Replacement parts and accessories ensure that your most in-demand tools are always ready for your next job. Enjoy peak performance from your jigsaw thanks to extra sharp and durable Porter-Cable jigsaw blades.
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Porter-Cable jigsaw blades are made from materials like high-speed steel and high-carbon steel to provide increased reliability and accuracy. This makes it easy to cut a variety of circular shapes and scrolling patterns in wood and other media including plywood, plastic, laminate and masonite.

When you need to cut metal, look for Porter-Cable hook-shank jigsaw blades with 24 teeth per inch (TPI) for smooth cuts in soft metals. Blades with 10 TPI cut softer materials, like woods and plastics. For added value and convenience, you can easily find replacement blades in multi-packs, so you always have a factory-sharp blade ready to go.

For premium performance on your most important contracted and DIY jobs, shop the selection of Porter-Cable circular saw blades so get the best results for all of your woodworking projects. Circular saws are carbide tipped for top durability and speed. Porter-Cable's proprietary heat hardening and computerized cooling technology give you a thinner blade that maintains its cutting precision.

If you're rehabbing old wood or need a prime finish on a new piece of raw stock, Porter-Cable planer and jointer blades give you fast and true results. Many joiner blades can be resharpened to avoid replacement costs. Always confirm the model number of your replacement or new Porter-Cable metal jigsaw blades to make sure it fits your specific saw.

Both your professional jobs and DIY repairs depend on repeated accuracy from your saws and other cutting equipment. Maintain your jigsaw from project to project with an assortment of Porter-Cable jigsaw blades. Check out the entire assortment of Porter-Cable power tool accessories to outfit your wood shop or toolkit today.

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